Experiment of Tancyousennsei

No.27 Let's Make Simple Static Motor
No.48 DanceIStyrofoam Ball
No.51 Let's Make the Packing Stirng Float
No.54 TurnIMoveILightIStatic
No.T Let's Make Simple aliedoscope
No.41 Let's Make Improvised Concave Mirror
No.43 Let's See Red Sunset in Bottles
No.57 Let's Make Stained Glass Using Cellophane Tape
No.64 Let's Take Solar Photos
No.67 Let's Make Simple@Spectroscope
No.77 Let's Change Sound into Light and Sen It
No.65 Let's Make Aluminum Railway
Let's Preserve Magnetic Lines
No.74 Let's Make Magnetic Lines in 3D
No.12 Let's Make a Balloon Hovercraft
No.22 Let's Make Object Float & Sink
No.56 Let's Make the Bulb Using Pencil's Lead
No.61 Let's Push the Mass of Air
No.75 Let's Make plastic Dragonfly
No.14 Let's Make Charcoal Battery
No.39 Let's Make a Lemon Battery
No.40 Let's Make a 1yen & 10yen battery
No.U Let's Use Red Cabbage as pH Indicator
No.V Let's Enjoy the Change of
No.47 Let' Remove the Color of the LiquidIMagic of Science
No.76 Let's Test Acidity of the Raindrop
No.78 Hand printing Using Soap
Chemical Manufacturing
No.13 Let's Make Vegetable Charcoal
No.31 Magic! (Water doesn't fall?)
No.34 Let's Make a Magnetic Slime
No.42 Let's Make a KARUMEYAKI
No.50 Let's Observe How Snow Fall
No.70 Let's Make Simple Food
No.20 Observe the Winter Bud & Search for Pleasant Cicatrin
No.28 Let's Compare Ezo and Shikotan Dandelion
No.38 Let's Search for a Cabbage Butterfly
Animal and Plant
No.Q Let's Make Specimen of Plant in 3D
No.R Let's Make Leaf Specimen
No.S Let's Make Leaf Puzzle
No.X Let's Make Seaweed Specimen
No.33 Let's Copy the Pattern of Tree Trunk
No.52 Let's Make a Vein Leaf Samples
No.53 Let's dye the Vein Specimen
No.68 Let's Make Wing Skeletal Pattern
Astronomy@Sun and Star
No.21 Let's Make 1/1billionth of the Sun and Solar System
No.79 Let's Examine the Phases of the Moon
The weather
No.11 Let's Stick the Rubber by Air Pressure
No.37 Let's Make Magdeburg Hemisphere
No.49 Let's crash the bottle with Air Pressure
No.55 Let's Let off the Air
No.60 Let's Stick the Card by Air Pressure
No66 Let's do Magic! Not Spilling Water
Snow and ice
No.15 Let's Examine Icicle Section
No.16 Let's Make Frozen Bubble in Snow
No.17 Let's examine the Layers of Snow
No.18 Let's See How Water Freezes
No.19 Let's preserve Snow Crystal
No.50 Let's Observe How Snow Fall
No.58 Let's Make an Ice Cream Using Plastic Bag
No.59 Let's Examine the Contamination of Snow
No.62 Let's Turn The Windmill Using Snow
Rain and cloud
No.23 Let's Catch the Raindrop
No.36 Let's Make Cloud
No.76 Let's Test Acidity of the Raindrop
Geological feature@
No.P Let's make crayon
No.W Let's Clean Water Using Ash
No.30 Let's Find Jewel in Volcanic Ash
No.32 Let's make a stone Paperweight
No.63 Let's Make a Lava
No.71 Let's Make Stone Puzzle
No.72 Let's Make a TV Stone
No.80 Let's Make Fire with Stone and Steel
No.10 Let's Make a Fault using Cocoa & Flour
No.25 Let's See Water Rises After the Earthquake
No.26 Let's Make a Replica of Soil Layer
No.79 Let's Make a Soil Layer Replica
No.24 Let's Make a Dome Volcano
No.44 Let's Make a Dome Volcano and Shiel Volcano
No.45 Let's Make a Mt. FUJI
@fossil and dinosaur@@
No29 Let's Make Shell replica
No.35 Let' Make Dinosaur Egg
No.46 Let's Make Fossil Replica
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